Broken Backlinks

High quality links leading to your site are a valued commodity in the world of SEO. The more links your website has from high quality sources, the better the reputation of your website. The problem arises when you decide to make changes on your site. The links break easily and your website’s reputation decreases.

Websites with lower reputation do not get crawled and indexed as often as websites with high reputation, meaning that losing reputation makes your website less valuable in the eyes of search engines.

Generally, discovering and fixing broken backlinks manually is a tedious task that can take an extraordinary amount of time to complete.

In your Google Search Console you can estimate how many broken backlinks to your website you have, by going to Crawl -> Crawl Errors -> Not found.

You can click on a few of the high priority links to see if the links are coming from high quality external sites.

Example specific broken backlink problems that SIA automatically corrects:

Duplicate content

Near duplicate content

Stale content

Is your website suffering from Broken Backlinks? 

It’s easy to find out with our SEO Advisor.

SEO Advisor will scan all of the pages on your website, absolutely free, and send you a detailed report of all of the issues it finds. SEO Advisor can estimate how many hours, days, or weeks it will take to solve your problems manually, and how much they are costing you in unclaimed revenue.