Ineffective Indexing

When search engines under-index your site, they likely don’t index important pages, which in turn don’t rank at all.

When they over-index your site, your pages are indexed multiple times and they don’t perform because search engines will only rank one from the duplicate set.

Your website should achieve optimal indexation, with only the right pages indexed.

This will maximize the traffic potential.


Use this simple litmus test to learn if this is affecting your site: compare how many pages your site should have to the number of pages Google lists with Google’s “site:” advanced search operator.

Both numbers should be close.

Examples of specific indexing problems that SIA automatically corrects:

Duplicate and near duplicate pages

Important pages that are too many clicks from the home page*

JavaScript rendered pages*

Low quality SEO tagging

*Work in progress features

Is your website suffering from Ineffective Indexing? 

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