Similar to a sales pipeline, an SEO pipeline depicts all of the stages and opportunities your website has in closing sales and creating revenue. As Google’s search process consists of first crawling and indexing, and then ranking your website, our SEO pipeline includes these important stages to enable the best possible outcome for your sales. We also keep in mind the important stage of the SEO process that happens after ranking – search presentation.

You will be surprised to learn which one of these stages has the most revenue trapped, and how simple it can be to access all of the potential revenue.

We have a way to clearly illustrate how much potential opportunity there is in each stage of the pipeline, and how to access these opportunities.

To learn more about our brand new way of estimating SEO revenue, please, download this white paper.

Inside, you’ll find: 

  • Executive Summary
  • Intro: Current Situation
  • Problems in Current Practices
  • Implication: Costs
  • Solution
  • Case Study
  • Testimonials
  • Conclusion: Value Proposition