Unappealing Search Snippets

Search engines like Google can (and often do) auto-generate search snippets when they determine the titles and meta descriptions on your pages are not adequate, when they are missing, or are duplicates.

These search engine generated snippets often lead to lower clicks than you’d get with your uniquely written snippets.


Check the top keywords for a few of the most important pages to see how the listings look. In particular, pay attention to see if the page titles and meta descriptions are used, or if Google is using something else for the snippet.

Example specific search presentation problems that SIA assists you in correcting:

Same titles and meta descriptions used in a large number of pages

Titles that are too long or too short

Meta descriptions that don’t accurately describe the page’s content

*RankSense requires custom meta merge templates to generate unique titles and meta descriptions

Is your website suffering from Unappealing Search Snippets? 

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