“This is truly by a long, long shot the coolest and most awesome SEO tool I've ever had the pleasure to encounter and work with! Hamlet Batista has made a marvelous job of concatenating just about all conceivably essential SEO factors into one smart, easy-to-use and deceptively simple (but actually extremely powerful) interface.”


Ralph Tegtmeier
Founder & CEO
fantomaster.com GmbH

Introducing RankSense 3.0

A powerful and integrated search engine optimization software suite and crowdsourced service that make the search engine optimization process feel like a walk in the park. No more staring at fancy SEO reports and charts, you get work done and get results! 

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Why Play Search Marketing Roulette?

… when you can take the guesswork out of search engine optimization

...and get affordable expert help every step of the way...

Battle-tested and Simple SEO Workflow
One of the key benefits of using RankSense is that it helps you run your natural search campaigns in a way that makes objectively measuring and recording your progress simple.

Establish a SEO baseline and track progress
Our software helps you baseline your performance from day one.  You can identify the competitive gap and set targets for you to achieve.  This way everyone involved is crystal clear about what the situation is and the goals of the SEO campaign before you get started and before you have spent any money (other than the fee for our software).

Access our marketplace of proven SEOs, link builders, copywriters
You can quickly find top talent, track outsourced SEO tasks and measure the quality of the work you are paying for

No software to install, no code to slow down your website
We integrate to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools 

Future-proof your SEO investment
Search engine algorithms change all the time, with our software and services you build for the long term. Our process is modeled after years of performing rock-solid SEO for top brands at the highest level.


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