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Shopify Page Speed Optimization Service


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A Faster Site Could Alter The Course Of Your Business

A fast-loading site is critical for keeping your users on the site. 38% of visitors bounce when your site takes five seconds to load, harming conversions and revenue. Page speed also impacts SEO traffic, as Google uses it as a ranking factor. 

Is your site fast enough to keep users shopping? 

Shopify is an extremely popular ecommerce platform, but Shopify sites often struggle with speed. Shoppers are less likely to make a purchase when a site loads slower than expected, and they are less likely to return to the site.



Effects Of Optimizing Your Site For Speed

Better Overall Site Performance

Ranking Improvements

Increased Customer Retention

Higher Conversions

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Before Shopify Speed Optimization

Mobile Results

Before page speed optimization

After Shopify Speed Optimization

Mobile Results

After page speed optimization

Agile SEO requires fast, incremental recommendations and implementation. Agile is a common and very successful standard practice in professional web development.

While most content management systems include some SEO capability or plugins, they implement recommendations from best practices checklists that are not constantly vetted for results. They lack the validation and strong feedback loop built into RankSense.

If you don’t want to wait 6 months to see great SEO results, you need the simplicity and agility that only RankSense provides.

Without RankSense

Slow Loading Times That Frustrate Users

Less Traffic Which Can Be Holding Your Business Back

Less Return Visitors

Lower Conversions

Higher Bounce Rates

With RankSense

FAST Website That Will Impress Users & Search Engines

Increase In Traffic

Improved Customer Retention

Increased Conversions & Conversion Rates

Lower Bounce Rates

Effects Of A Slow Site On Your Business

Bounce rate graph

The bounce rate increases dramatically above three seconds of page load time. To keep users on the site, it’s crucial to get the page load time below that point.

E-commerce shoppers that land on slow websites are far less likely to purchase than on a well-optimized site. 

E-commerce shoppers are also less likely to return to a site that loads slower than expected and are more likely to tell a friend about their experience.

What We Focus On

Google Focuses On Mobile, So We Do Too

We focus on finding the right balance between speed and UX to deliver the optimal experience to your users. Some of our techniques include:

Eliminating render-blocking resources

Reducing impact of third-party scripts

Reducing time spent parsing and compiling JavaScript

Reducing JavaScript execution time for apps

Core Web Vitals

Great Page Experience Matters Too

Users expect a great experience, and Google is beginning to use page experience as a ranking factor. To quantify page experience, Google measures three key metrics. We can optionally optimize these additional metrics while we improve the page speed:

Largest Contentful Paint

First Input Delay

Cumulative Layout Shift

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my website safe with you?

Yes. We have considerable experience working with client websites and everything is tested prior to implementation.

Do you work on my live site directly? Will it need to go down when you are working?

No. We create a copy of your theme and work in preview mode, so there’s no downtime. And again, everything is tested prior to implementation.

Will my website’s design and functionality remain the same?

Yes! Your website will look exactly the same. We won’t sacrifice user experience for a speed gain.

Is it for the whole site or just the homepage?

The whole site is affected by the optimizations, including categories and product pages.

Will it help my mobile speed?

Absolutely. We focus on mobile speed first. Google does, so we should too.

Can you briefly explain the process?

We’ll ask you to create a private app on your store and allow us read-only access to perform our preliminary analysis. After figuring out the scope of the project, we will create a contract based on the work involved. Half of the payment is due upon contract signing. Once the payment has been received, we’ll send you an invitation to receive access from our partner portal. Then we will begin our complete analysis and apply the changes accordingly.

How long will it take to complete?

Our process takes approximately 2 weeks, or 3 weeks if we are also optimize Core Web Vitals.

Will the optimizations last?

Yes! The changes are permanent.

Do you provide support after the optimization is done?

We provide two weeks of support after the implementations are completed. If you notice anything different, we’ll fix it right away.

How much does the speed optimization service cost?

This can be dependent on how many files, scripts, and css files that will need to be optimized. It’s custom to every store.

Why do speed scores change each time I check?

Speed scores on all of the popular performance tools will vary each time you run them. This variability can be due to a number of factors. Your server response time at that specific moment could be longer or shorter depending on how heavy the load is on the server. Loading third-party resources, such as ads or tracking snippets can also affect your speed since you have to wait on those servers to respond as well.

The best way to determine the speed of your site is by an average. Running the tool 3 or more times and finding the average is the best way to determine your page speed.

Direct response SEO

Imagine what would happen if Organic Search was suddenly no longer free. Would you continue to manage it the way you do today?

Google Shopping was free a few years ago, and most companies paid little attention to their listings. Now that it has a cost, companies make sure to carefully validate and curate Shopping like other Paid Search channels.

SEO provides a great opportunity for companies to lower their customer acquisition costs. By managing organic search traffic as a direct response channel with RankSense, companies can expect to:

Maximize the impact of brand-building activities

Measure and prioritize the most effective recommendations

See results in 6 weeks instead of 6 months

Bring customers in at a lower cost of revenue

Direct response requires personalization. Paid search is a good example of direct response in action. However, it is too labor intensive to personalize SEO at scale, even using the best content management systems.

If you don’t want to wait 6 months to see great SEO results, you need the simplicity and operational capabilities of paid search. We built a sophisticated platform with that goal in mind.


Earn qualified visitors

Optimize new content

Takes months to see results

Set and forget

Main success metric: higher keyword rankings (more attention)

Follow best practices

Best primary approach for web publishers


Earn motivated qualified visitors

Optimize existing content

See results in weeks


Main success metrics: more relevant page clicks (more transactions)

Follow evidence

Best primary approach for ecommerce

Validated SEO recommendations

Most SEO best practices don’t move the needle for your site’s unique situation. Instead of spending months implementing improvements to find out what would ultimately work, start with ones already proven to work for sites similar to yours.

Our clients enjoy a very high success rate because they can see what impact their changes have after Google or Bing picks them up. This saves them a lot of time and money.

No IT or coding required

Implement our recommendations quickly on your site without writing a line of code. RankSense can implement changes on any platform or content management system.

Once improvements are validated to work in Cloudflare, you can easily make a business case for IT support if necessary.

Maximize paid search spend

If you are spending money on paid search, your paid and organic search teams can finally stop working in separate silos and learn from each other. This can help you increase sales and lower the cost of acquisition of the combined paid and organic search channels.

Perform advanced A/B testing on your organic search snippets to increase click through rate and results.

Get started in minutes

Start with our free SEO monitoring app in Cloudflare and get high impact recommendations you can implement with one click.

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Page Speed Optimization Timeline




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By submitting your email address, you agree to receive follow up emails about RankSense’s products and services. You can opt out at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. We share your information with our customer relationship management partners. For information about our privacy practices, please see our privacy policy


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