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RankSense searches, finds, and fixes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) errors on the fly in mere milliseconds. RankSense works AUTOMATICALLY, full time, all the time so your site always has best possible SEO and top page ranking.

A true breakthrough in technical SEO, ONLY RankSense does all this…

discovers and targets technical SEO errors.
in milliseconds, as your page is loaded.
every page on your website 24/7/365.
itself as technical SEO evolves.

Companies Love RankSense (It’s Mutual) – Here’s Why:

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Your Web Business LIVES OR DIES ON SEO

BUSINESS IS GREAT when you have GREAT SEO - Your site ranks high in search engine results. Browsers find you fast and rank you high. Customers do, too. Your site is hot. Your business is booming.

But BAD SEO KILLS BUSINESSES - Spiders can’t find you. Neither can your customers. Your site ranking falls. You're on page two or three or four, which might as well be page 500. Visits plummet, and your business dies.

Build traffic 10x faster - Until now, SEO best practice was MANUAL optimization — one tag, one redirect, one title, one page at a time. Because manual SEO is slow work, highly skilled SEO experts are often swamped. So your SEO progress is slow and your costs run high two ways — the high cost of manual SEO, and the higher cost of sales you’re losing.

But give RankSense to your SEO experts or techs and watch them build far more site traffic for you in 1/10th the time ... robotically.

Here’s why optimization should have been automated long ago...

Each SEO tech error must be detected and corrected one at a time.
Manual optimization is s-l-o-w, grueling and detailed.
The bigger the site, the slower the work. Months go by.
SEO best practices change constantly and no technology can truly keep up.
Manual SEO needs constant, manual updating.

While your SEO experts work to manually correct errors, NEW errors are introduced through normal changes to your site. So, within a few months, you’ve got to get on the manual SEO merry-go-round all over again!

RankSense results are GUARANTEED

Many technology companies promise more website traffic and higher search rankings. But RankSense is the ONLY technology company we know of that GUARANTEES to increase your site traffic through automated, robotic technical SEO.

When technical SEO errors occur (and they ALWAYS occur)

Here’s How RankSense Finds & Fixes SEO Errors Instantly & Automatically

Picture of Content Management System

Your website works SMOOTHLY and SIMPLY

All your content lives on your content management system (CMS). When customers open your site, your Web server delivers your content to them via their browser. Simple, isn’t it?

Picture of SEO error

...BUT technical SEO errors ALWAYS occur

A simple coding error as common as an incorrect “noindex” robot tag is entered. Robots can’t send your content to your website. Your page is removed from the search engine’s index. It simply won’t rank. It’s as if it no longer exists. Your customer goes to a competitor’s site.

Picture of search engine spider

Here’s how technical SEO errors KILL YOUR BUSINESS

SEO errors prevent spiders from finding your site. Searches won’t return your page. Your page is dropped. Your page ranking plummets. You lose customers. You lose sales. You lose income.

Picture of RankSense fixing SEO errors

Here’s how RankSense FINDS & FIXES SEO errors AUTOMATICALLY

RankSense is on Red Alert every moment of every day. It identifies SEO errors in your code and FIXES them in milliseconds. Your content is delivered, your traffic increases, you get more revenue. Crisis avoided.

Picture of showing an increase in traffic

Here's how RankSense builds your traffic and speeds sales cycles

Fixing even the smallest errors can lead to BIG RESULTS. As pages are added to the search engine's index. Your rankings improve. Your long tail traffic increases, you reach more people, get more leads, close more deals, and generate more revenue.

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RankSense results are GUARANTEED

Every company wants more website traffic, higher search rankings, and more customers. Many technology companies promise all of these things. RankSense is the ONLY technology company we know of that GUARANTEES to increase your site traffic through automated, robotic technical SEO.


RankSense is a true breakthrough - there’s nothing else like it

Know SEO? You know about slow and expensive manual SEO. You may have tried raising your search ranking by painfully begging for links, or using tricks like creating a massive number of pages targeting long tail keywords (and hoping you’re not banned). But there’s nothing like RankSense. It’s the ONLY robotic system that automatically and instantly finds and fixes SEO technical errors with surgical skill.


RankSense fixes SEO errors AUTOMATICALLY

10 milliseconds. That's the average time it takes for RankSense to find and fix SEO errors. That's one hundredth of a second - far faster than the human mind.



Talk about “instant gratification” — add RankSense to your system and watch it ID and fix SEO errors in mere milliseconds, 10X faster than Google Analytics pixels fire.


RankSense ranks your site on PAGE 1 in significantly more searches

SEO drives your natural search ranking. The better your SEO, the higher your ranking. It’s well known that if you’re not on search page 1 — and HIGH on page 1 -- your chances of being found drop exponentially. RankSense drives long tail traffic as more pages are added to the search engine’s index. Your rankings improve. You reach more people, get more leads, and get more revenue.


RankSense builds traffic

30% traffic increase. Could you live with that? That’s what many of our clients have achieved in weeks, rather than the many months manual optimization takes. Some have enjoyed even higher lifts. What lift will you see? Click here to schedule your RankSense demo and find out.


RankSense speeds buying cycles

More traffic means more visitors to your site at any given time. More customers multiplies your reach, your selling power, and your revenue stream. When a site gets 30% more traffic in a given period, it’s not a stretch to expect 30% more revenue.

SEO Errors INSTANTLY Fixed by RankSense

470 764 865

And it’s doubled back and re-scanned those pages for new errors a couple more times, too.

RankSense is VORACIOUS

Big site? 1,000,000 pages? No problem. In the time it takes old-school manual SEO to plod through one page, RankSense has corrected SEO on hundreds of pages. It’s also doubled back and re-scanned those pages for new errors a couple more times.


GOOGLE favors organic search - SEO is a must

When the biggest search engine in the known universe urges site owners to build audiences organically, it’s a good idea to take action. Best action? Relevant, quality content and strong technical SEO.


RankSense is CUSTOMIZED to your business

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to large corporations and websites with thousands of pages. Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, or wholesaler; B2B or B2C; and no matter what CDNs you’re using, we can custom-fit RankSense to your business.


RankSense is your electronic insurance policy for business success

In a way, RankSense is similar to hacker protection — both are electronic insurance policies against website problems. RankSense is always on, always ready, always monitoring, always spotting trouble and taking instant corrective action. You wouldn’t run your site without a Web application firewall — why run it without automated technical SEO?


RankSense is far better than manual SEO

A full manual SEO review of a 5,000-page site can take four to six weeks and cost $10,000 or more. Implementation can take an additional three months. During that time, new errors have crept in, requiring another SEO review. RankSense finds and fixes SEO errors the instant it’s installed.


RankSense does what no CDN can do

CDNs’ strong suit is faster page delivery. While some have limited SEO capability, NO CDN can AUTOMATICALLY fix SEO errors, improve your rankings, drive more traffic, get more leads, and grow your business like RankSense.


RankSense lets you forget about SEO

Business can't thrive without A+ SEO, but YOU no longer need to worry about it. RankSense's turnkey, automated system does it all, so you can work on the parts of your business that cannot be automated.


RankSense — seeing is believing — see it for yourself

We’ll set up a real-time, live demo of RankSense on YOUR actual website. We’ll flip the switch and you’ll see RankSense find SEO problems you didn’t know you had — and you’ll watch as they’re fixed in milliseconds.

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RankSense FAQs

1. You can't automate SEO, can you?

Yes. RankSense is a fully-automated SEO solution. While we believe that quality content is one area where humans still do a better job than machines, the inverse is true for technical work. Intelligent machines like RankSense can now do superior technical work in a fraction of the time it would take staff to complete the same tasks manually.

2. Why hasn't anyone else been able to do this?

We've been pushing the envelope to prove the experts who said it wasn't possible wrong. RankSense is backed by over a decade of intense research and development. We filed our first patent in 2007, after years of work to prove the initial concept. You can check out our patent at:

3. Will RankSense cost me a fortune?

RankSense typically costs one half to one third of what it would cost your company to do the equivalent work manually. And rather than 9-5, RankSense does it around the clock, every day of the year.

4. Will Google penalize me for using RankSense?

Absolutely not! RankSense implements published search engine best practices and implements changes that will improve your website’s standing with both users and search engines.

5. Will I lose my rankings if I later decide that RankSense isn’t for me?

We provide each client with a rock-solid back-out plan so you can preserve the SEO benefits you gained while using RankSense.

6. What about PCI compliance?

RankSense is a certified PCI DSS v3.1 service provider.

7. How does RankSense compare with other enterprise SEO platforms?

Unlike other SEO platforms, RankSense isn’t limited to giving SEO recommendations or simply enabling manual implementation. RankSense is the only tool that can drastically accelerate SEO results by providing real-time recommendations, executing those recommendations automatically, and measuring the impact of every change precisely.

8. Will RankSense slow my site down?

RankSense makes SEO changes in a fraction of the time that it takes an analytics pixel to fire. If you chose our recommended CDN option, we can actually speed your site up!

9. How do you deploy RankSense?

RankSense can be deployed as a CDN in the cloud, or on-premise as a server install for Apache, Nginx, and IIS.

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