We’ve been successfully helping our clients maximize their website’s revenue potential through software wins with RankSense


Born in Yosemite Valley in 1968, Royal Robbins provides active, down-to-earth people with clothing that’s more versatile than any other outdoor brand. Our customers get dressed once and are equipped for a full day of activities, both indoors and out. We do this by making clothing that performs in the outdoors and is refined enough to go everywhere else.

Before we started working with RankSense, our organic traffic was down compared with the year before.

Other companies we worked with were not able to make changes to our website the way RankSense can. They would simply make recommendations for what to do. And they did not have a way to test their theories about what would work.

RankSense is wonderful because of their team’s unrivaled expertise and ability to make changes that dramatically affect organic traffic.

The last big change was implemented on November 4, 2016.

Since then we’ve seen traffic grow 46% YoY and a revenue increase of 84% YoY. Our non-branded traffic is now 43% of our overall traffic. It was at 39% two months ago. We went from 5,811 links to our site last month to 8,070 links to our site.

RankSense takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization. First of all, it makes sure Google indexes our site fully, so that we don’t miss any opportunities (aka pages) to pull in traffic to our site. And it makes it easy to see what words are matching up with our preferred audience’s searches.

I would recommend their services.

Hamlet is such a trusted advisor. He’s so skilled at listening and providing solutions. I consider him a real partner in the SEO game here at Royal Robbins, which has helped us spend less and earn more from our e-commerce site.

 Mea Christie
Mea ChristieE-Commerce ManagerRoyal Robbins