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I always see good ROI with RankSense. They’ve helped us increase traffic, clicks, and achieve lower bounce rates.

We have a very effective and collaborative working relationship and I think of RankSense as an extension of my in-house marketing team.

Nobody in marketing knows what’s coming in the world of SEO but I’m staying with RankSense and I know we’ll handle whatever challenges come next.

40%Traffic Growth

48%Pages Indexed Increase

“I Always See Good ROI with RankSense— They're Results-Driven”

Mitchell Neirick, Sr. Manager of Online Marketing, Cole-Palmer


RankSense takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization. First of all, it makes sure Google indexes our site fully, so that we don’t miss any opportunities (aka pages) to pull in traffic to our site. And it makes it easy to see what words are matching up with our preferred audience’s searches.

I would recommend their services.



“Hamlet is such a trusted advisor. He’s so skilled at listening and providing solutions. I consider him a real partner in the SEO game here at Royal Robbins, which has helped us spend less and earn more from our e-commerce site.”

Mea Christie, Former E-commerce Manager

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MoreBeer! was started in a backyard shed in California, helping people brew their own beer with high-quality ingredients and equipment. Soon after opening their first warehouse in 1998, they entered the budding world of ecommerce so they could ship their products all over the US. They continued to expand over the next 17 years, opening more retail locations and entering into the wine-making and coffee markets.

However, the shift from a catalog model to an ecommerce model has not been entirely smooth. MoreBeer started to struggle to compete in search results with companies selling lower-quality homebrew supplies for higher prices. By 2016, they were experiencing a downtrend in organic traffic of -12.8% YOY.

Chris Graham, president of MoreFlavor!, said, “We kept putting more energy into getting SEO audits done to understand why we started to lose positions to smaller, newer companies, but we kept losing ground. We kept trying to implement SEO audit recommendations, but our programmers couldn’t go fast enough. We had so many other projects we wanted to work on, and we didn’t know which recommendations were important.”

Chris Graham, President of MoreFlavor!

RankSense allowed MoreBeer to implement SEO recommendations throughout their whole site, automatically. Chris said, “[RankSense] fixes all your bad links. It redirects them for you. It fixes your meta tags or descriptions, or makes ones if they don’t exist. It does all this tedious work in an artificial intelligence manner.”

MoreBeer’s downtrend was reverted within six weeks of implementing RankSense. After another two weeks, their traffic was up +21.8% YOY, and it has been holding at +20-22% since then.



“SEO is a really long game,” Chris said. “But I’m confident that RankSense has given us the tools and knowledge to go forward in it. Not only did they help us reverse a bad trend, but now we are improving. That kind of confidence lets me know that I’m going to be able to move all my inventory month over month and year over year. If you are a small business owner like I am, I highly recommend RankSense.”

Chris Graham, President

Customer testimonials

We also have a long history of achieving great results for our clients

Through The Range Of Professional Services We Offer.

As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of working with Hamlet and his team, it’s an opportunity to highlight the massive growth we’ve seen in SEO. These efforts are due to Hamlet’s deep dive into our site, structure, and set-up from an SEO perspective. Year over year we’ve seen a massive 234% increase in visits, 159% increase in SEO revenue, and a 4.4% increase in time on page for these visitors.

Hamlet has been a huge asset to my company and our overall efforts to drive more qualified traffic to our site. I can honestly say that when any SEO or Webmaster Tools questions come up, Hamlet is my go to resource. I make it a must do to run any SEO change on our site by him first. He would have been worth it to us at twice the price. Hamlet thank you!

Craig Winer

Vice President at Garrett Wade

Hello, my name is Victor Yacaman, and I am the e-commerce director for Leonisa.com. In 2012, we made the Inc 5000 list for America’s fastest growing companies. To tell you more about Leonisa, we are an internationally preferred lifestyle brand by women in more than 9 countries. We’re known for the lowest cited women’s intimate apparel in shape or brand as a category leader, selling more than 37 million garments a year.

We noticed there was a huge gap on the percentage of traffic from our SEO and the industry standard. On average, a site must be anywhere between 30-40% of organic traffic, and we had only 8% back in the summer of 2012.

So, we decided to hire Hamlet Batista to audit our site from an SEO perspective. Several weeks after he started the project, we got an 80+-page report full of actionable recommendations to improve our SEO ranking. The report was organized by subject and priority level so I was able to work first on the low hanging fruit that would boost faster organic traffic.

Working with Hamlet has been a great experience. I found him very open to sharing his knowledge and taking time to explain every detail of the audit. Not only is he tech savvy and knows how to code a site to make it SEO friendly, he can also audit other areas of SEO, such as content creation and link building.

We finished implementing all code updates in November 2012, and as of January 2013, we had an increase of search traffic by 97%. As of February 2013, we saw a similar significant increase in organic traffic by 70%. Most significantly, we have duplicated our SEO revenue. Finally, in the Google Webmaster Tool, we are now close to zero crawling errors and HTML suggestions, and we have eliminated all signs of duplicate content, improving link equity per page.

All of these improvements were achieved by applying SEO best practices on the site’s code, although we have not done any link building. So, I feel confident in my decision to strongly recommend Hamlet Batista for your SEO needs.

Victor Yacaman

E-Commerece Director at Leonisa

I am the owner of an e-commerce travel website called Vacation Rental Pros and I have recently benefited immensely from the e-business consulting services of Hamlet Batista.

A year ago, I launched a new updated website and immediately began to see issues with reduced traffic from our organic search. I hired Hamlet to analyze my online organic traffic and website structure and to advise me of ways to improve.

Hamlet immediately found issues with the new website’s structure and redirects that he was able to correct in a few weeks. After this assignment, I made the decision to keep Hamlet on a monthly retainer and I definitely made the right decision.

In August of 2013, Hamlet noticed that our organic search was beginning to decline based on reports he was running. After careful research and analysis, he concluded a part of our website was being penalized by Google. Hamlet then took the time to contact Google to determine the issues. It was determined we had links created by a previous ad agency that were considered to be commercial and/or link farms. Hamlet worked with Google to disavow these links and to also contact these sites and to get them removed.

Although this whole process of getting out of Google penalties took several months, Hamlet was dedicated and focused throughout the entire process, and never lost confidence that it would get resolved in our favor. By December, the Google penalties were lifted and our organic traffic actually increased. For the month of February 2014, our organic traffic was up 85% over the previous year.

Hamlet has also made some changes in my marketing strategies and led me to a new technological solution that I was surprised I could afford. Hamlet has helped me increase my revenue in some surprising ways.

I could not be more pleased with the way Hamlet has helped my e-business. Hamlet is not only an expert at making business improvements, but a genuinely nice person. Hamlet patiently answered my many questions, explained technical concepts with which I was not familiar, and made me feel comfortable with the changes.

If you are looking for ways to grow your e-business on the organic search side, make your website more efficient, and produce more for less cost, I highly recommend Hamlet Batista’s consulting services. I believe that you would be very pleased with the results. Please feel free to contact me for more information at 904-707-1487

Steve Milo

Managing Member, Founder & Owner at Vacation Rental Pros

SEO has always been a bit of a mystery for our team. We needed expert advice from someone who could give us low-risk, high-return results to drive qualified traffic to our site. Hamlet patiently and systematically walked us through the entire process, from content, to technical support, to delivery. Perhaps most importantly, he took the time to learn what capabilities and resources we had, and developed a customized approach that was appropriate for our team.

In 2014, for the month of February, we saw a 43% increase in revenues from organic search compared to January. That monthly growth also strongly contributed to a 45% YTD organic search revenue increase over 2013.

Taken with all other traffic sources, February website revenues outperformed January by 26.3%, and YTD we’re seeing a 12.8% boost. We have a number of additional items to complete and look forward to continued success with Hamlet and his team.

Glenda Lehman Ervin

Vice President, Marketing at Lehman’s

We have 2 primary challenges: first, we are a new site, making ourselves known to cruise travelers as a new way to research their cruise; and second, our site has over 100,000 pages. At this size, technical issues were preventing us from ranking on search for our target keywords.

Hamlet’s 4-week audit produced a list of about 25 action items. He sorted them by potential impact and effort, and we could focus on the quick wins. Once we implemented the majority of his recommendations, we saw a 50% increase in our organic traffic. In a few months we doubled our traffic (from the initial audit). I think Hamlet identified some critical technical issues that were hindering Google’s search engine crawl of our site.

I would recommend Hamlet to any site looking to improve their SEO results, specifically large, complex sites that are looking to reach a niche audience. I also appreciate Hamlet’s continued generosity of his time when we have questions.

Faraz Qureshi

General Manager at CruiseLine

Unfortunately, I spent a significant amount of money with an agency that had promised to take us to SEO Heaven but instead took us the other direction. We probably should have been quicker to see the problem, but after a few months we noticed a spike in traffic but not much coming from the increased traffic. As it turned out, they’d built thousands upon thousands of incoming links of suspect origin, and shortly thereafter we went to Google jail when they hit us with a manual penalty, obviously we were in a bad spot.

While the volume of traffic was okay, the quality clearly was not. We were not attracting buyers. Plus, the Google penalty all but guaranteed revenue and traffic would not grow regardless of how good our product was. Opportunity lost.

Hamlet was a lifesaver for us. He told us going in that the fix would not happen overnight, as the magnitude of the problem was significant. Within 90 days, a shorter amount of time than he’d originally promised, Hamlet got our penalty removed. He also identified issues on our site that needed to be fixed and guided us through the process of making these changes. Once we were out of Google jail and had fixed the issues on our site, Hamlet helped us develop and execute a strategy to attract more valued buyers helping us develop our site as a resource, or destination for others looking to make their business or event a success.

Hamlet is very knowledgeable when it comes to technical issues and can quickly rally his team to rescue or improve a site. He was able to interact with our own site developers to facilitate implementation of best practices. I thought Hamlet was particularly helpful in guiding us through the process, setting the list of priorities and then executing on them. If you work with Hamlet, you’ll quickly discover that there is not an SEO road he has not been down and you’ll be getting the benefit of his exposure to what works and doesn’t work with his other clients. On top of that, Hamlet is an easy and fun guy to work with.

Would we recommend Hamlet Batista to others? Unequivocally.

Dick Nelson

CEO at Marco Promos

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