Cole-Parmer Case Study

“I Always See Good ROI with RankSense— They're Results-Driven”

The biggest challenge I have is personnel resources in a corporate environment that wants aggressive growth.

One of the first projects RankSense did for me was put together an online audit – 220 pages documenting all the extremely technical issues on our website that needed to be resolved.

Traffic increased +40% YOY and the number of indexed pages has increased by 48%



Mitchell Neirick, Sr. Manager of Online Marketing, Cole-Palmer
Sr. Manager of Online Marketing, Cole-Palmer

Mitchell Neirick

I’m the Sr. Manager of Online Marketing for Cole-Parmer, a leading manufacturer and international marketer of lab and industrial fluid handling products. We sell equipment for research and development labs, manufacturing facilities, high school and college chemistry labs, and more. We’re a direct seller and also a wholesaler.

The Challenge

230 Domains

I oversee all Cole-Parmer’s websites, over 230 domains in all, including 10 main sites. We have top level domains wherever we sell, all around the world. I’m responsible for the look, feel, functionality of our sites, everything that drives traffic including paid search, organic search, social media, and email. These days, when people are searching for products, they may skip Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and go directly to Amazon, Ebay, or other niche websites. For this scenario, I run what I call data-feed sites that drive people back to our main site or to other vendors’ sites.

When I came to Cole-Palmer, no one here had prior organic search experience. One of the first projects RankSense did for me was put together an online audit – 220 pages documenting all the extremely technical issues on our website that needed to be resolved. Things like fixing code, adding things we were missing, correcting things we were doing wrong, and so on. The audit generated a 30-point guide of things we needed to do to enhance the technical aspects of our organic search. My team and I spend the next six months implementing RankSense’s recommendations.

Their 30 audit recommendations fixed errors that got our technical back end in shape. But RankSense has done far, far more for us than fix errors. I think of their audit as the beginning of a long term relationship. Now we focus on how to utilize our new online power.

Hamlet is a great innovator and is focused on results, as I am. He has a lot of experience working with many different clients so he has a broad view of SEO and the history to know what’s worked for others. He’ll say things like, ‘You have a lot of content on your site. Have you thought of using a landing page as an inbound link driver?’ Hamlet’s given us many great ideas we use to get traffic and has gotten us on page one in organic searches. Since organic traffic is 50% of our traffic, this is very significant.

Mitchell Neirick

Mitchell Neirick, Sr. Manager of Online Marketing

Testing rich snippets and schema raised rankings

With RankSense’s help, we added more content into templates optimized for SEO. Then we developed content to bring qualified traffic to our website. RankSense’s President, Hamlet Batista suggested and set up A/B testing of rich snippets and schema, ways of coding our websites so they communicate much more information to the search engines. This greatly helped our rankings because more information in the code helps the search engines know what the content actually is so they can rank our sites more accurately. That means higher ranking and more qualified traffic.

With 100,000 products on our websites, we can’t possibly write meta descriptions for each one. So, per Hamlet, we created templates using text from customer review of our products. We tested Hamlet’s system, it worked very well, and we rolled out with it.



Collaborative, trusted extension of my in-house team

I always see good return on investment with RankSense

Learn How RankSense Works

Cole-Parmer is owned by private equity so our corporate goal is very simple: make money. My goal is, ‘Make more today than yesterday.’ If RankSense weren’t helping me do that, we wouldn’t still be working together over five years. I always see good ROI with RankSense. They’ve helped us increase traffic, clicks, and achieve lower bounce rates. Their statisticians provide daily detailed analysis of KPIs – key performance indicators – and that’s the proof.

The biggest challenge I have is personnel resources in a corporate environment that wants aggressive growth. I manage a team of eight marketing people but just one SEO specialist. I can’t hire more people, yet we have more SEO work than we can handle. That’s where RankSense is so valuable. It’s not like working with consultants; it’s almost as if Hamlet and his people are working on site here, helping organic search results and paid search, too. That’s real value-added.

We have a very effective and collaborative working relationship and I think of RankSense as an extension of my in-house marketing team. In fact, when I interviewed candidates for our SEO position, I asked Hamlet to vet them on the deep details of SEO as part of the hiring process. I think that’s a real sign of the trust I place in him.

They always say you should hire people who’re more skilled than you. That’s what I’ve done with RankSense and I recommend them to others. Nobody in marketing knows what’s coming in the world of SEO but I’m staying with RankSense and I know we’ll handle whatever challenges come next.”

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