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RankSense is the SEO solution you need to get results faster than ever before. By utilizing Cloudflare and Google Sheets, you can implement SEO changes on thousands of pages with just a few clicks, then track the impact of those changes on organic traffic. Experiment with new ideas at the speed of your imagination, no developers required.

The RankSense


• Implement SEO changes with a few clicks

• Leverage machine learning to create SEO changes at scale

  • Implement SEO fixes within the RankSense app using spreadsheets

  • Monitor critical SEO issues that can prevent your pages from being found in search

  • Create search snippet titles and descriptions with our proprietary artificial intelligence

  • Track effectiveness of SEO solutions

  • Examine crawling by Googlebot and other search engines

  • Full-service SEO management services available

Success cases

RankSense is trusted by global brands processing millions of
dollars in online revenue

Cole-Parmer is owned by private equity so our corporate goal is very simple: make money. My goal is, ‘Make more today than yesterday.’ If RankSense weren’t helping me do that, we wouldn’t still be working together over five years. I always see good ROI with RankSense. They’ve helped us increase traffic, clicks, and achieve lower bounce rates. Their statisticians provide daily detailed analysis of KPI – key performance indicators – and that’s the proof.

Mitchell Neirick

Sr. Manager of Online Marketing

40%Traffic Growth


Since [November 4, 2016] we’ve seen traffic grow 46% YoY and a revenue increase of 84% YoY. Our non-branded traffic is now 43% of our overall traffic. It was at 39% two months ago. We went from 5,811 links to our site last month to 8,070 links to our site.

Mea Christie

Former E-Commerce Manager




MoreBeer’s downtrend was reverted within six weeks of implementing RankSense. After another two weeks, their traffic was up +21.8% YOY, and it has been holding at +20-22% since then. RankSense allowed MoreBeer to implement SEO recommendations throughout their whole site, automatically. Chris said, “[RankSense] fixes all your bad links. It redirects them for you. It fixes your meta tags or descriptions, or makes ones if they don’t exist. It does all this tedious work in an artificial intelligence manner.”

Chris Graham




our benefits

There aren't enough hours in a day to
manage SEO efforts the hard way.

Don’t wait 6 months to see results.


Replace slow manual work with artificial intelligence

Save Money

Address SEO opportunities fast to avoid opportunity cost

Massive Scale

Optimize tens of thousands of pages per day effortlessly

Save Time

Free up your time to manage a growing number of marketing channels

Take Credit

Delight your executives with amazing SEO results that you fully vetted

Gain Insights

Learn which optimizations actually work at any time

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“RankSense is the fast, automatic, proven way to manage SEO”



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