How RankSense works

Why are search snippets important for SEO?

The search snippet is the title and description that users see in the search results.

The title of a page impacts which keywords the page will rank for, and can attract users to the page. Descriptions help the users better understand what the page is about, and help to convince them to click on it.

However, writing excellent titles and descriptions can take a lot of time, especially if the site has many pages.

Create search snippets automatically

Recent advancements in natural language processing allow us to create impressively accurate titles and descriptions for web pages, based on the text on the page.

RankSense’s proprietary artificial intelligence is based on the same algorithm that Google uses to understand language.

RankSense can add important keywords to the titles and descriptions to help the page rank for those terms.

Real examples from RankSense

RankSense automatically summarizes the content on your page and generates an optimized title and description

RankSense’s title and description

Automation can help you take care of repetitive tasks, so that you can spend more time on the parts of your business that matter most. But sometimes, especially as you grow, it isn’t clear which parts of your business you should automate — and it would be helpful to have a library of ideas you can reference. Automation recipes are pre-built automation templates that you can import into your ActiveCampaign account. By giving you a template to work from, recipes make it easy to set up the automations you need for your business.

RankSense’s title and description

Automation can help you take care of repetitive tasks


Automation recipes are pre-built automation templates that you can import into your ActiveCampaign account.

  • Automate

    A tedious (but critical!) part of SEO

  • Save Time

    Compared to manually writing snippets

  • Scale up

    To create any number of snippets

How the Cloudflare integration works

Unlock powerful SEO features

  • Integrating RankSense with Cloudflare enables a range of SEO features.

  • Use RankSense to apply the titles and descriptions directly within Cloudflare.

  • Track the performance of the pages that you’ve updated to be confident that the changes are working.

  • Monitor for new pages that need optimized titles and descriptions.

  • Monitor for other important SEO issues that prevent your pages from being found in search engines.

Works in the background

  • RankSense runs on Cloudflare, so it can track all of the visits that come to your site from search engine visitors and search engine bots.

  • It automatically checks your pages for SEO problems, every time a page is visited.

  • RankSense is able to make changes to the HTML of your pages to correct SEO issues, while you maintain full control