Our story

“We believe amazing SEO results should take 6 weeks, not 6 months!” -- Hamlet Batista

Our journey to get SEO results down to 6 weeks

Why speed up lasting SEO results?

  1. There is a dishonest element in the SEO industry that preys on small businesses expecting SEO to take 6 months when they know upfront they won’t get anything for their hard earned money. At best, they could get an initial boost and later get penalized by Google for using black hat shortcuts.
  2. Faster results means more confidence in SEO and bigger budgets allocated as the revenue and ROI are more predictable.
  3. Faster SEO means big savings in opportunity cost.

There are three big obstacles preventing fast, durable SEO results:

  1. We believe the main obstacle is SEO guesswork. Many SEO recommendations don’t make a difference as ranking checklists get outdated quickly because Google is constantly iterating to improve results.
  2. Implementation is the second big obstacle and technical implementations are very slow as IT people are always busy.
  3. Creating and optimizing new content is important and valuable, but will always take months to drive results.

Our solution to speed up SEO results.

  1. Our software adds a feedback loop to tie incremental changes in Cloudflare to increases in organic search clicks. This allows us to validate SEO recommendations and prioritize the ones proven to work.
  2. Implement SEO recommendations in Cloudflare’s CDN where we don’t need to write backend code or bother IT personnel.
  3. Focus on optimizing existing content where results happen faster.

Our progress to date

We spent the first couple of years focused on getting predictable SEO results for our clients and we managed our SEO implementation software for them.

April 2015

Launched our first alpha client (m.marcopromotionalproducts.com), using a Nginx based reverse proxy network in Amazon Web Services. One elastic load balancer in one region.

Oct 2015

Moved clients to Docker containers and expanded our proxy network to 3 regions using an Amazon Route 53 load balancing scheme.

Nov 2015

We achieved PCI Compliance as Service Provider.

Feb 2016

Launched our software as a Proof of Concept on important sections of the IBM.com site. The service ran from inside their network.

June 2016

Public beta launch at Internet Retailer Conference.

August 2016

Moved our software from Amazon Web Services to Kubernetes and Google Cloud. Client deployments went down to minutes from one deployment per week.

March 2017

Public launch at NY Tech Day.

June 2017

Expanded our Kubernetes clusters in Google Cloud to 4 regions in a global federation.

November 2017

We gained our fastest and best SEO results for a client. From a 103% SEO traffic increase to 305% in 6 weeks.

After we learned to reliably deliver SEO results, we switched our focus to decreasing the time to see results, and improving our operating margins and financial health.

May 2018

First team meeting in NYC to celebrate surviving The Valley of Death that was the first half of 2017.

July 2018

Achieved profitability while growing 60% YOY.

October 2018

Moved clients to the Cloudflare platform speeding up their sites +30%, self service client deployments, and saving us 70% in infrastructure costs.

The Cloudflare distribution opportunity allows us to expand our market and serve small businesses at a price they can afford.

November 2018

Launched new website, dropped prices big time and built self service Cloudflare app to enable any site to use our service.

February 2019

Our free SEO monitoring App banner featured in the Cloudflare App Store

May 2019

Received $100k in credits from Google Cloud as part of the Google Cloud for Startups Program (Surge Package)

Our core beliefs and most important values

Paid and organic teams typically operate in silos and don’t leverage each other's learnings. In particular, organic search improvements are rarely prioritized given the time investment and uncertain payoff.

We are world class SEO geeks

We’re world-renowned SEO experts and data science geeks living the future today.

Teaching machines boring but impactful work

When you don’t know what will actually work, you end up trying everything (every time). We aim to change this for the better.

Through engineering excellence

We leverage the latest advances in machine intelligence and proprietary insights from our combined decades of SEO expertise.

Our core values

We save time with ingenious solutions that we execute with excellence in mind.

Time Is The Most Valuable Resource

We strive to save our clients valuable time in our solutions. We don’t recommend manual actions that an intelligent machine can do faster and better.

Ingenuity Can Find Valuable Shortcuts

Fewer things remain impossible each day as new advances in technology enable previously impossible things. Ingenuity can open valuable shortcuts into the future.

Winning Through Execution Excellence

We aim to be #1 in the battles we carefully choose to participate. Increased focus allows greater attention to detail, which is a prerequisite for world class execution.

Integrity Leads To Long Term Partnerships

We don’t take clients or projects where we know up-front that we can’t meet the expectations. We sell success, so it is critical for us that we are doing our best to be successful in everything we do.

Generosity Builds Strong Friendships And Community

No company or individual can succeed by itself. We have always benefited from the great SEO community, and we strive to contribute back as much as we can from our learning every day.

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Our founder’s story

Prior to founding RankSense Inc, Hamlet co-invented Altruik’s Page Priority, an enterprise-level SEO software that pioneered automated resolution of site architecture issues. On average, clients experienced a double-digit increase in sales year over year from organic search and a patent was filed for this invention.

Hamlet’s story begins to the south: he was born and lived until 2010 in the beautiful tropical island of the Dominican Republic.

He completed his education in Telecommunications Engineering in 1996 and has experienced many facets of the industry. Over time he moved from work as a Windows C++ developer at a software outsourcing firm, to a Unix/Linux System Administrator position at a major international telecom, and finally to being IT Director of a small team of highly talented individuals at an online marketing firm. With no prior entrepreneurial experience and having no formal business training, he resigned from his job, and set out to start his own business.

As it happened, he was fortunate enough to run into one of the top online marketers who was still working for his previous employer. He wouldn’t say much, but what he did mention: pay-per-click, Viagra, and the almighty dollar, was enough to get Hamlet started.

Affiliate marketing was a concept he already knew well, at least from a programming standpoint. Hamlet had worked to create affiliate-tracking software using Java for a former employer, but he was not familiar with the idea from a business perspective. After reading Ken Envoy’s Affiliate Master Course, he had the information he needed to set the wheels in motion.

The plan was to start a software company. With Nemedia S.A., Hamlet Batista achieved just that: a 20+-person search engine marketing firm.

RankSense was originally a desktop software product for small business owners looking to simplify their SEO, and was granted a US patent a few years after the founding of the company. It went on to receive WebHost Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award in December of 2008. The accomplishment did not go unnoticed. Shortly afterward, Altruik Inc helped Hamlet move to New York City to co-invent what was known as their Product Priority software. Altruik used the same software to provide big name clients like The Home Depot with an automated SEO solution for delivering optimal online sales. Altruik was later sold to SearchDex.

During this time, Hamlet has also been involved in a number of ongoing projects. He did technical reviews for the first and second editions of The Art of SEO, and Search Marketing Inc. He has spoken at several high profile conferences including the Search Marketing Expo, Affiliate Convention, IRCE, and Shop.org.

The massive gap between paid search and organic search budgets, and the frustrating amount of guesswork still dominant in the SEO industry motivated him to design, build, and launch RankSense SEO Automation platform. Our platform’s goal is to be a driver for more effective SEO and predictable results for retailer clients.

Having taken some heavy hits early on and learning from his mistakes, Hamlet realizes the importance of sharing his stories of success and failure with others. His aim is to help other young entrepreneurs gain confidence and build their dreams without taking unnecessary risks or having to make huge financial sacrifices. His blog has been his continued effort to give something back to the community that has been so good to him.

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Career Highlights

Top affiliate marketer, 1st page rankings in Google for highly competitive keywords, 7 figures in commissions

2005-2008, 2010

Inventor, granted patents for small business and enterprise SEO technology


Technical review editor. “The Art of SEO”, and “Search Marketing Inc”


US EB1 Green Card Holder – Alien of Extraordinary Ability (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Technology Patents
Seo Suite And Sub-components

United States Patent 7,805,428 Issued September 28, 2010

System And Method For Improving Webpage Indexing And Optimization

United States Patent Application 20120016897 Filed July 15, 2011

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