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Analyzing Google Search Console Data with Python

WEBINAR DATE: January 22 2021, 2:00 PM EST

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this webinar has been postponed until future notice.   Learn how to automate Google Search Console insights with URL segmentation, sorting, and pivot tables

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SEO Success at a Large Enterprise

WEBINAR DATE: February 5 2021, 2 PM EST

Unfortunately, this webinar has been postponed until further notice. Large and small companies operate differently. Join Hamlet and Eli as they dive into the similarities and differences between the two and discuss tactics that will help generate successful SEO strategies at large companies.

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How to Record SERPs and Analyze Algorithms with Python

WEBINAR DATE: February 11 2021, 10 AM EST : 6 PM TRT

Unfortunately, this webinar has been postponed until future notice. Join Hamlet Batista and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR for a walk-through of Koray’s amazing Twittorial (#RSTwittorial), coming on February 10th, on how to set up your own mini rank-tracker with a bit of Python and a bit of creativity. The tutorial shares the code and gives the key steps to...

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Become a Puppet Master with Google Cloud Functions

WEBINAR DATE: February 19 2021, 10 AM EST

Learn how to harness the power of Puppeteer with Google Cloud Functions to create your own API driven tools, such as the Layout Shift GIF Generator.

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Website Categorization with Tensorflow and Python

WEBINAR DATE: February 23 2021, 3:30 PM EST

Imagine, you need to categorize affiliates’ and competitors’ websites in order to find new affiliate opportunities and detect new competitors in the SERPs. Join Daniel Heredia as he demonstrates how to expedite that process! Optimize your business by automating the binary categorization of websites with meta titles and descriptions using Supervised Learning!

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How to Optimize Google Discover using Python

WEBINAR DATE: February 26 2021, 3:00 PM EST

Unfortunately, this webinar has been postponed until future notice. Learn how to optimize Google Discover by better understanding the topic layer from content that generates your highest Google Discover traffic.

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Use Requests and Selenium to Automate SEO Tests

WEBINAR DATE: December 17 2020, 7 PM EST : 11 AM AEDT

In this RSTwittorial, we are going to learn how to use the Python packages Selenium and Requests to check redirect errors, validate robots.txt, and more in staging environments.

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Using Python and Google Big Query to Scale Google Trends in Near Real Time

WEBINAR DATE: December 14 2020, 2 PM EST

If 2020 has taught us an SEO-specific lesson, it’s that the intent and value of keywords can change rapidly as social situations develop. Things like a pandemic can make even a month old keyword data nearly useless. But what about events that are developing rapidly in real-time? Join Local SEO Guides Dan Leibson and Bryan...

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Categorización de Webs con Python y Google NLP API

WEBINAR DATE: December 11 2020, 2 PM EST : 8PM CET

En este webinar aprenderás cómo categorizar webs según su tema de forma masiva a través de Google NLP API y Python para estrategias de linkbuilding SEO o encontrar cuáles los tipos de web con un mejor desempeño en programas de afiliación o plataformas digitales de anuncios.

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How to Find Content Gaps at Scale: Atrapalo vs Skyscanner

WEBINAR DATE: December 4 2020, 10 AM EST

Learn how you can leverage Python to compare two websites and detect content gaps at scale by comparing two of the biggest travel websites in Mexico: Atrapalo and Skyscraper. This process can be adapted to suit your needs and help you in the future.

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How to Build a Simple HTTP Code Checker in Python with Streamlit

WEBINAR DATE: November 20 2020, 10 AM EST

In this webinar, Charly will show you how to build a simple HTTP code checker in Streamlit with just a few lines of Python code! He’ll also show you how to visualize your results and deploy the app for free via ‘Streamlit Sharing’.

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Ensuring Success with Your Site Launch using Python

WEBINAR DATE: November 13 2020, 2 PM EST

One of the most time-consuming tasks that can be done in the SEO world is the quality assurance of pages or sites when they launch. Whether you are working with a small handful of pages, or a full site launch, this is a breakdown of how to expedite the process of making sure your content...

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Analyzing the Interesting Finds Feature with Selenium

WEBINAR DATE: November 6 2020, 2:00 PM EST

Interesting Finds features on mobile SERPs seemed to appear out of nowhere shaking up mobile ranking and visibility on commercial investigation intent queries. Learn how to use Selenium to search mobile queries at scale and determine which SERPs are using Interesting Finds and where the feature appears.

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Enterprise SEO that Drives Results with Agile SEO

WEBINAR DATE: October 23 2020, 10 AM EST

An interview with Matt Caramenico about the lessons learned and efficiencies gained from transitioning an Enterprise SEO team to Agile. How the collaborative nature of Agile and added organizational visibility unlocks buy-in and drives faster results.

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Data Blend Your Way to SEO Success Using Python

WEBINAR DATE: October 16 2020, 2PM EST

Are you tired of your data being siloed in their respective platforms? Do you yearn to perform analysis using multiple data sources? Break your data free and discover deeper insights when you blend data sources using Python in this non-API tutorial for beginners!

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Cómo Encontrar Posibles Problemas de Canibalización Usando Python

WEBINAR DATE: September 18 2020, 10 AM EST

En este webinar con Natzir Turrado, veremos cómo encontrar posibles problemas de canibalización usando Python y la API de Search Console. La canibalización de keywords a veces puede ser un problema para el rendimiento orgánico de tu sitio web. Entenderemos qué es, cuándo tenemos que preocuparnos por ella, cómo encontrarla fácilmente y métodos para solucionarla.

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