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Agile Collaboration: Learning and Growing Through our Long-Term SEO Partnership with RankSense

May 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: NewPig is a friendly and leading B2B manufacturer and supplier of all things leak and spill. In October 2016, the company promoted Colby Shoop as its first in-house SEO manager. In collaboration with RankSense, Colby has managed numerous innovation projects with measurable SEO results.   I’ve been with New Pig for twelve years,...

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Every company website is different, so SEO best practices must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Usually, clients come to us when there are clear SEO issues with an existing site that need to be addressed with our data-driven expertise. However, we recommend clients to seek out expert SEO advice before they even launch their...


Quality Over Quantity: The Value of Agile SEO to Increasing ROI

Editor’s Note: Línea Directa S.A.S is a leading fashion manufacturer in Colombia. Their main brands include: Pacifika, Carmel and Loguin. In July 2017, the company hired Andrea Ramírez as Digital Producer, where a key part of her responsibilities is the performance of the SEO channel. In collaboration with RankSense, Andrea has managed to implement successful...