My Internship Experience at RankSense: BC Han

by BC Han | June 19, 2020 | 0 Comments

As RankSense’s first intern hire in 2020, I came in with a bit of uncertainty and few expectations. 

As RankSense was a fairly recently founded startup, I was oblivious to the company culture, work style, and customs. Hearing that the team was fully remote was quite surprising to me, and to be honest, it scared me a bit. Would I be able to develop meaningful work relationships? How would I communicate with my superiors?

However, Hamlet, RankSense’s CEO, welcomed me with warmth and invited me in person to work with him at the Iselin office. 

Leading me through mini-projects designed to acclimate me to the SEO industry, I quickly began to appreciate Hamlet’s self-directed guidance and method of learning. By giving me autonomy over my learning process, Hamlet fostered an invaluable relationship of trust and mentorship. And best of all, he was always willing to listen to my ideas and answer questions. It’s rare that an intern is able to spend much time with the company’s CEO, and it’s even rarer for an intern to be able to pepper the CEO with a list of questions on a weekly basis, but Hamlet welcomed and encouraged such curiosity and intimacy—which made the company culture that much warmer and stronger.

As I began to develop traction and independence under Hamlet’s leadership, Maura, RankSense’s Operations Manager, took me under her wing. I became her direct report and she became my coach, as she and I began working on a series of high-level onboarding projects. Like Hamlet, Maura developed a relationship of strong trust by granting me flexibility in my work and always hearing and considering my input, no matter how silly. Her own strong creativity encouraged me to a higher level of creativity and idea generation, and I can emphatically say that Maura positively shaped and influenced the culture at RankSense to help make it more welcoming and open-minded.

In terms of my tasks and actual work, while some of it was quite tedious, as can be expected from any entry-level internship position, a surprising majority of my work was focused on high-level strategy and required autonomous thinking to complete. Spanning many areas—marketing, technical SEO, and community management—my work was both fulfilling and exciting. 

Coupling my diverse, exciting array of tasks with the ability to personally engage with the CEO and Operations Manager, I can emphatically declare that my internship at RankSense has far exceeded any expectations I held—and has been an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience. 

Not only have I been able to develop close relationships with the executives at RankSense, but I have been granted autonomy and independence over my work and have delved into a variety of fields: SEO, marketing, and more.

Ultimately, my internship here at RankSense has been very fulfilling, and I’d like to express my gratitude towards Hamlet and Maura—as well as the rest of the RankSense employees and interns—for making RankSense such a warm, intimate, and exciting company to work for!


BC Han



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