RankSense launches at NY Tech Day

by Maura Loew | April 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

Source: TechDayHQ

Called “the nation’s largest startup event,” NY TechDay 2017 drew over 35,000 people, from startup founders to investors to corporates to job seekers. In total, 575 startups from a diverse array of verticals were represented. The creativity of entrepreneurs never ceases to amaze – there were some truly clever, original, and innovative startups in attendance. Some were even pitching to producers of ABC’s Shark Tank.
That’s why this seemed like a great event to officially launch RankSense! We had a great time meeting other entrepreneurs, developers and marketers. In the meantime, we offered our free SEO scan to passersby.

Maura, Hamlet and Marina at our NY Tech Day Booth

Hamlet also had the opportunity to demo RankSense on one of the two live stages:

Since Tech Day was held in midtown Manhattan, Marina and I even found a bit of time to explore Central Park:

Thanks to the NY Tech Day staff! The venue was huge and packed with people, but they did a fantastic job putting on a great event. It was also very wheelchair-friendly, so kudos from me!
Tech Day also holds an expo in Los Angeles in September and London in October, so be sure to check those out.

Maura Loew



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