Am I an SEO Geek?

Am I an SEO Geek picture

Apparently Adam Audette from AudetteMedia thinks so. Thanks for the recognition, Adam! 🙂

  • Wearing a shirt like that, I'd have to say Yes, you're a SEO Geek =)

  • Lookin' good Hamlet!

  • That shirt is awesome 😀

    • And a im geek to :)))

  • Ted

    haha great shirt. I would get one but none of my friends would have any idea what it meant….hmm maybe that is actually a selling point.

  • Are you ever going to be back? I understand it must not be easy to have each and every post proof-read but your posts were insightful and you made good points. I would like to see more of them.

    I am sure others feel the same. Do not really want to remove your blog from my reading list. Please submit a brief post at least to tell us what you are up to and if you plan on blogging any time soon.