SEO is Dead! (Long Live Advanced SEO)

After trying a few different approaches, I've finally found a clear direction for this blog. Some A-list bloggers consider that starting another SEO blog is a bad idea. There are thousands of bloggers writing about SEO and the market is already saturated. It's going to be difficult to stand out.

I have to say that I disagree. While there are lots of guys blogging about SEO, many of them are just repeating the same thing: "create good content" and "attract authority links."  If it is so simple and that is the only thing you needed to do, then why do we need to learn SEO in the first place?

Here are a few examples of sites with good content and relevant links that are not listed on the top 10.


Search engine marketing is still in its infancy. It's a hot topic, but I am glad that it's not new for me as I've been doing it for years with great success.

I admit that I am new to blogging and there is still a lot for me to learn. Especially copywriting and social networking, but I am determined to learn. I am glad there are some very useful blogs that teach us about these areas (Problogger, Copyblogger, PronetAdvertising).

The reality is that readers will always come to you if you provide them with true and unique value. That is why I decided to focus on improving the overall quality of this blog.

When your readers take the time to review your site in a very positive and disinterested way, you know you are doing the right thing.

What I like about this blog is that it is providing genuinely valuable information you can use to get results. This site offers a range of advice to suit people with different levels of expertise.

What to expect in the future?

A part from the more professional look, I am also working on my cornerstone articles. A series of posts where I teach you my most powerful techniques to dominate highly competitive markets. There are two posts so far and three more to come. I will also complete the series on Google inner workings. Understanding search engines is vital for identifying problems, debunking myths, etc.

The new theme for this blog is now: Advanced Search Engine Marketing. I think that it is a more appropriate tag line, having looked back at what I've been writing about. I really like the topic. I can still share a lot about it, and I think that if I keep using analogies to explain the complex topics, then I will keep you interested.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, please leave some comments and let me know if you have learned a new thing or two. Most of my insights do not come from the same sources everybody else is using. They come from my own research and experiments. I like to go deeper than most and I carefully reflect on the current problems and look for potential solutions.

If this is your first visit please read the recommended reading posts and if you like them don't hesitate to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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  1. Jez
    Jez says:

    Are you sure you meant to say "disinterested way"?

    I have read a lot of SEO blogs and a number of them are sensationalist. They take a journalistic approach and seem to be trying to earn "celebrity blogger" status with fantastical (completely made up) stories, particularly when it comes to black hat techniques. Personally I prefer to read something of practical benefit….

    • Hamlet Batista
      Hamlet Batista says:


      English is not my first language. I hope I used it right. What I mean is that most people doing website reviews do that for monetary compensation.

      It was your idea and I am thankful for it. I did not ask you to do the review and you never asked me for anything in return. Maybe there is a more appropriate word in English for this.

      seem to be trying to earn “celebrity blogger” status with fantastical (completely made up) stories, particularly when it comes to black hat techniques

      That is why I always try to back my claims with hard evidence.

  2. Scot Smith
    Scot Smith says:

    I only read 30-40 blogs so I'm not into RSS territory just yet, but I do enjoy visiting your site daily ever since I found you on JohnChow and read the small feud you had with that other guy about Chow's ranking being dropped.

    I read a lot of SEO blogs and none of them teach the way you do. Keep it up and you will do well.

  3. Paul Montwill
    Paul Montwill says:

    What I like about your blog is that you share your knowledge and experience, explore things, present outputs of your resarches. I also like variety of topics you touch in your posts. Keep blogging!

    • Mutiny Design
      Mutiny Design says:

      Same here. I have been reading around a few blogs that i've not been to before and yours is the only one that has actually had infomration that is interesting and I don't already know.


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