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How to Act Like an SEO Expert: Four mistakes to avoid when performing SEO experiments

March 07, 2008

In yesterday’s post I explained my creative process for uncovering new and interesting search marketing ideas. In this post I want to focus on the other critical element toward becoming an expert: endless experimentation. Of course testing must be done carefully to avoid arriving at the wrong conclusions, which will bring us to another of...

Lessons from Childhood: How to search for things that are hard to find

August 15, 2007

In my teen years in the Dominican Republic, I used to play a game my friends called playball. The game followed more or less the same rules of baseball; we setup bases, hit the ball and ran to score. The main difference was that we played in the middle of the street and we used...

Adolescent Search Engines: They are growing up so fast!

August 15, 2007

Search engines are just like teenagers. Don’t believe me? Consider this analogy. Let's say you have a teenage kid with a handful of friends. He knows them very well and even remembers their phone numbers by heart. He’s bright and it doesn’t take him long to become very popular at school. Now, he has dozens...

Our Digital Footprints: Google's (and Microsoft’s) most valuable asset

July 17, 2007

After reading this intriguing article in the LA Times, I came to the conclusion that Google has far more ambitious plans than I originally thought. In their effort to build the perfect search engine — an oracle that can answer all of our questions, even answers that we didn't know about ourselves — Google is...

Protecting your privacy from Google with Squid and FoxyProxy

June 12, 2007

There is no doubt about it; this has definitely been Google’s Privacy Week. Relevant news: The infamous Privacy International’s report (it basically says that Google sucks in privacy, far more than Microsoft) Privacy International’s open letter to Google Danny Sullivan defending Google Matt Cutts defending his employer Google’s official response (PDF letter) Google Video flaw...

Robots.txt 101

June 04, 2007

First let me thank my beloved reader SEO blog. Thanks to him I got a really nice bump in traffic and several new RSS subscribers. It is really funny how people that don’t know you, start questioning your knowledge, calling you names, etc. I am glad that I don’t take things personal. For me it...

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What do you do when you’re losing organic traffic and you don’t know why?

Getting Started with NLP and Python for SEO [Webinar]

Custom Python scripts are much more customizable than Excel spreadsheets.  This is good news for SEOs — this can lead to optimization opportunities and low-hanging fruit.  One way you can use Python to uncover these opportunities is by pairing it with natural language processing. This way, you can match how your audience searches with your...

Making it easier to implement SEO changes on your website

Changes to the RankSense SEO rules interface

As we continue to improve the RankSense app for Cloudflare, we are always working to make the app more intuitive and easy to use. I'm pleased to share that we have made significant changes to our SEO rules interface in the settings tab of our app. It is now easier to publish multiple rules sheets and to see which changes have not yet been published to production.


How to Find Content Gaps at Scale: Atrapalo vs Skyscanner

For the following Ranksense Webinar, we were joined by Antoine Eripret, who works at Liligo as an SEO lead. Liligo.com is a travel search engine which instantly searches all available flight, bus and train prices on an exhaustive number of travel sites such as online travel agencies, major and low-cost airlines and tour-operators. In this...


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